Practice reading CVC words with fun activities! Kids will practice reading, writing and word mapping of CVC words in a hands-on way with popits. Use these centers over and over.

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CVC Word Games Phoneme Grapheme Mapping Science of Reading Centers

A colorful version and an ink-friendly version are included.

Interactive, visual and kinesthetic.

Many ways to use this resource:

  • centers
  • a work station activity for word work
  • home practice
  • independent practice
  • early finishers
  • group work
  • morning work
  • literacy rotations, etc.

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What CVC words are practiced:


  • AT words: cat, rat, mat, bat, hat, fat
  • AM words: jam, ram, ham, dam, mam, yam
  • AN words: man, van, pan, ran, can, fan
  • AP words: tap, cap, map, lap, nap, gap
  • AB words: cab, tab, lab, dab
  • AD words: dad, sad, mad, bad
  • AG words: wag, tag, rag, bag, sag, hag


  • ET words: vet, jet, pet, net, met, wet, set
  • EN words: ten, den, hen, pen
  • ED words: red, bed, fed, wed
  • EG words: leg, keg, beg, peg


  • IN words: pin, fin, tin, bin, win, kin
  • IT words: hit, sit, kit, bit, pit, fit
  • IP words: lip, sip, dip, tip, rip, zip
  • IG words: wig, pig, dig, rig, fig, big


  • OG words: dog, log, hog, fog, jog, cog
  • OT words: dot, rot, hot, pot, tot, lot
  • OP words: cop, pop, hop, mop, pop, top
  • Misc O words: rob, sob, cob, rod, pod, cod


  • UG words: bug, mug, jug, rug, hug, dug
  • UB words: tub, cub, sub, rub
  • UN words: sun, gun, bun, nun, fun, run
  • Misc U words: mud, bud, cup, pup, hut, nut, cut, gum, mum, bus

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