Need to practice blending, beginning, middle, and ending sounds in CVC words? Use this digital activity right away! Perfect for centers, assessment, independent practice, early finishers, homework, group work, as well as during distance learning or hybrid.

Practice beginning, middle and ending sounds with CVC words activities. Check out digital word work games for your kids. Perfect for phonics centers, literacy centers, whole group, small group, and homework.

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You can use these paperless activities for:

  • morning work
  • centers
  • assessment
  • homework
  • early finishers
  • literacy rotations
  • independent practice
  • smartboard activities
  • PowerPoint activities (just save the original file in Google Slides as PPT and use in edit mode on any device so that moveable pieces would work here as well)
  • virtual lesson follow-up
  • asynchronous learning, etc.

Google Classroom Activities set includes:

  • Teacher Notes pdf (with the link and directions to access Google Slides)
  • 20 interactive slides with moveable pieces

What CVC words are practiced?

bat, cat, hat, mat, rat, fat
ham, jam, ram, dam, yam, mam
can, fan, ran, man, pan, van
tap, nap, map, cap, sap, gap
pad, lad, mad, sad, bad, dad
wag, rag, sag, tag, bag, hag
vet, wet, net, pet, jet, met
hen, pen, ten, men, den
win, tin, pin, fin, kin, bin
sit, bit, hit, pit, fit, kit
big, rig, pig, dig, fig, wig
hip, sip, tip, rip, dip, lip
dot, hot, rot, cot, tot, pot
pop, mop, cop, top, pop, hop
hog, jog, dog, log, fog, cog
rug, jug, bug, pug, mug, hug
run, bun, nun, gun, sun, fun
bed, fed, peg, wed, beg, keg
box, cod, cob, rob, fox, rod
pup, cup, cut, nut, bud, mud

Blending CVC Words Phonics Games Review Google Classroom

These paperless activities can be used on Chromebooks, Android Tablets, iPads, laptops, smart boards and other devices. The games are perfect for kids in prek, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. All the slides work and can be used interactively ONLY IN EDIT MODE!

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