Looking for fun no prep Valentine's Day Worksheets you can use right away? Download this free printable! These worksheets are filled with various activities where kids will practice phonics (different short and long vowels) with Valentine-themed pages.

Valentine's Day Worksheets with Free Download

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Here is a quick overview of what pages are included in this printable.

Dab the Words Page

Kids will read words, and use the bingo dabber to dab all the AD words.

Spin a Word Page

Here kids will practice short vowels: short A / O words. Kids will spin the spinner. Then read the word family and add it to a letter. Then they'll read the new word. If it is real, they will need to put it in a heart shape.

Lovely Kittens Page

Here kids will practice long vowels: ATE / AKE words. Ask kids to help these kittens find their valentines. Then they will cut and paste the valentines under the correct kitten.

Find Words Page

Here kids will practice long U words. The kids will find 10 long U words, read them, and highlight them.

Ready to use? Download Valentine's Day Worksheets now!

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