Winter Break is over, but don't let the fun end there! It's time to shake off the holiday blues and dive into a world of exciting activities. They will keep kids entertained, engaged, and smiling after the break. Check out a range of ideas that will make the post-holiday season a memorable one for the little ones. Whether you're a parent looking to keep your kids busy or a teacher searching for educational and entertaining activities, I've got you covered. So get ready to make the most of this special time and create unforgettable moments with these after winter break activities for kids!

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First Day after Winter Break Activities

Let's go to the basics first.  

Nurture Your Classroom Community

Reconnect with your students. Each student may have had different experiences during the break. Some students may be happy to be back and have a routine again, while others may feel sad about leaving home.

Set Realistic Expectations

Take time. Don't jump right into a full day of intense learning on your first day back from a break. Both you and your students might get frustrated. Plan some simple learning activities that will help ease everyone back into the routine. You can set a couple of learning goals for the students to achieve on the first day back. Prepare anything beyond that as a bonus.

Review and Reteach Classroom Rules and Procedures

Not it's also a great time to reset your students after breaks. Take a moment to review and update the rules and procedures in your classroom to ensure everything runs smoothly with your students.

Let Students Tell about Their Break

Why not let your students take turns sharing their experiences during your morning meeting time? It can be a lot of fun for both the student sharing and their classmates. This way, students will enjoy hearing about what their friends did while they were apart. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity for them to practice speaking in complete sentences and taking turns. Create a lively and engaging atmosphere in your classroom by encouraging your students to share their stories!

After Winter Break Activities for Kindergarten

With the extended break, kids will need a review of what they've learned so far before going on to learning new skills. Spend the first week back doing lots of review in literacy and math.

January Literacy Activities

Review letters and sounds with these fun printables and hands-on activities.

Make sure to review CVC words you've taught so far and high-frequency words and sight words using these engaging activities.

January Math Activities

Review numbers 1-10 and 1-20 with these fun printables and worksheets.

January and Winter-themed Activities

Here you can use holiday and winter-themed resources to practice literacy and math.

New Year's Printables for Kids

Get your kindergarten kids excited for the New Year! Use fun writing prompts to inspire their creativity as they write about their wishes, promises, goals, and more. These prompts will make writing enjoyable and help your students express their thoughts and dreams for the upcoming year. Let's kick off the New Year with some creative writing!

Need fun New Year's writing activity and craft? Download this free printable in resource library.

After Winter Break Games to Have Fun

During the first week after break it's essential not only review routines and academics but also have fun. Check out these fun games and play 1 or 2 with kids:

  • Would You Rather?
  • Snowball toss game
  • Learn how to say “Happy New Year” in 5 different languages.
  • Freeze: Begin playing Christmas or music of your choice, everyone moves and dances until the music stops then they must "freeze" in whatever position they happen to be in.

After Winter Break Art Activities

As always, I can think of and recommend many crafts and art activities. But no - I've chosen only the best ones:

Summing up, I hope these ideas are helpful as you think about planning for your return after winter break! Take time and don't plan too much. Review classroom rules and procedures, reconnect with kids, and review literacy and math topics. Play games and get kids engaged. And don't forget to spice up lessons with beautiful craft and art activities.

Unleash post-winter break fun with exciting activities for kids! From crafts to games, keep them entertained and engaged. Parent or teacher, we've got you covered. Let's create unforgettable moments!

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