Need engaging activities to use in distance learning? Check out this never ending bundle for Google Classroom. Practice everything from sight words to reading sentences and passages.

Do you want to incorporate technology in your classroom? Try PAPERLESS resources and start using Google Classroom today. Practice everything from sight words to reading sentences and passages.

With Google Classroom activities you will...

  • Always have games perfect for literacy block, daily 5, spelling, RTI and literacy centers
  • Be able to provide meaningful activities for students to work on while you are meeting with guided reading groups
  • Challenge and engage your K-2 kids with curriculum in a fun way
  • Feel relieved and not worry about what to assign in Google Classroom
  • Get your class on Google Classroom a breeze

What will you get in this bundle?

✔ 40 ready-to-use interactive sets (grab just this one copy and use with every student or parent free of charge!)
✔ There are 2229 slides with moveable pieces - perfect for iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, laptops and other devices

If you decide to buy all these sets individually, the price is $258.75. Grab this bundle for hugely discounted price of $195.

Number of slides: 2229
Common Core Standards addressed: RF.2.3a, RF.2.3, RF.1.4, RF.1.3c, RF.1.3b, RF.1.3, RF.1.2d, RF.1.2c, RF.1.2b, RF.1.2a, RF.1.2, RF.K.4, RF.K.3d, RF.K.3c, RF.K.3b, RF.K.3a, RF.K.3, RF.K.2d, RF.K.2c, RF.K.2b, RF.K.2a, RF.K.2
Grade Levels: PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, Homeschool

Try PAPERLESS resources and start using Google Classroom in kindergarten today. Get tons of Google Slides to practice sight words, phonics, CVC and CVCe words. Use ALL YEAR AROUND.
This is a treasure chest of never ending activities! I love it! - Chelsea P.

Grab the entire bundle or check out the sets included in Google Classroom Bundle

  1. CVC Sentence Fluency (unicorns)
  2. Sight Words Practice (typewriters)
  3. Sight Words Practice (keyboards)
  4. Sight Word Sentences (monsters)
  5. Phonics Practice (pianos)
  6. Fluency Passages (houses)
  7. Phonics Practice (escalators)
  8. CVC Words Practice (dogs)
  9. Phonics Sentences (crayons)
  10. Sight Words Practice (llamas)
  11. Sight Words Practice (strawberry)
  12. Sight Words Practice (dinos)
  13. CVCe Activities (submarine)
  14. CVCe Activities (giraffes)
  15. Alphabet Games (cameras)
  16. Sight Word Readers (farm animals)
  17. CVC and CVCe Words practice (word builder)
  18. CVC Words Practice (quilt)
  19. CVC Words Practice (gumball machines)
  20. CVC Sentence Fluency (slinky)
  21. Phonics Sentences (puzzles)
  22. CVC Words Practice (trains)
  23. Phonics Practice (cups)
  24. Sight Words Practice (cats)
  25. Sight Word Readers (wild animals)
  26. CVC Words Practice (photos and cameras)
  27. Sight Words Practice (candyland)
  28. Sight Words Practice (tetris)
  29. CVC Words Practice (boxes)
  30. Sight Words Practice (cleanroom)
  31. CVC Words Practice (balloons)
  32. CVCe Words Activities (little monsters)
  33. Back to School Activities (all about me)
  34. Halloween Activities (ghosts)
  35. Thanksgiving Activities (pumpkins)
  36. Winter activities (polar bears)
  37. Christmas Activities (snow globes)
  38. Valentine's Day Activities (hearts)
  39. St.Patrick's Day Activities (pot of gold)
  40. Easter Activities (eggs)

See the Google Classroom Games in action

These resources are included in the Google Classroom Bundle

What teachers are saying about the bundle

  • "I'm trying to learn how to use Google Classroom with such young kiddos. This was a huge help."
  • "My students love anything that's fun and can be done on the iPads! I LOVE not having to worry about papers in my classroom. Thanks so much!"
  • "My students were very engaged! I assigned it in Google Classroom and it worked great!"
  • "This was a great way to address a skill that can sometimes be difficult for children to master. I especially liked that some picture clues were included."
  • "Great for my kids that need intervention. Thank you! Nice way to learn the keyboard as well :)"
  • "These were great and I loved using them in the classroom. Students could work as slow or as fast as needed!"
  • "Having just started with Google Classroom this year, this resource has been terrific! My students love getting on and playing."
  • "Awesome well made products that children love to use! Thank you!"
  • "I was looking for a hands-on and technology related approach to engage my students in activities to build an important skill, and this was perfect practice for their spelling and blending of CVC words. Thanks a ton! - Charlene R."

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Remember that all the interactive parts (moveable pieces) work correctly in EDIT MODE.

Watch this video to understand what EDIT MODE means.

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